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Please note that VAT (20%) applies to French customers (private and company) and also EU private customers

For EU companies (no VAT), your registration will be final only after having provided your EU VAT number

(French VAT is not applicable to customers out of the EU)

By registering in our eLearning system you agree to comply to our policies.
  • You may use the training material provided to you during your training
  • However you are not authorised to share with others or copy
    any information or document provided to you
  • This includes the credentials you receive to login to the system
  • You need to pass a test at the end of each training module in
    order to get a training certificate
  • The training certificate will be established using the name you provided,
    we won't provide a second certificate with another name for the same training.
    Please make ensure you did not mispell your name when registering!
  • Once a training is booked, it cannot be cancelled or reimbursed
Note that the trainings have not been designed to be used via a mobile phone.